What’s Search engine optimization Hosting and Multiple C Class Hosting?

Recently, Search engine optimization hosting continues to be getting lots of buzz. I’ve read a couple of articles about this, plus they fail to let you know just what it is, the advantages and also the downfall it’s in your websites. Furthermore, I will get into great detail about this, when it ought to be used, and just how it ought to be used, whether it whatsoever.

What’s Search engine optimization Hosting?

Search engine optimization hosting enables you to definitely spread your domains across multiple c class IPs, which makes them look unique and separated. Search engine optimization hosting causes it to be all easy to manage these IPs under one user interface. It might be a period consuming nightmare to need to login by hand to every IP.

If you’re not sure how much of an IP c class is, well, each IP has four classes. The following is the typical statistical IP layout, and underneath is going to be how it’s specified by alphabet classes:



The instance above implies that, “111? represents the IP “A” class, “222? represents the IP “B” class, “333? represents the IP “C” class, and “444? represents the IP “D” class.

Now, should you use search engine optimization hosting for hosting your internet sites, this is the way it’ll go over different c class IPs.

111.222.333.444 (website #1)

111.222.334.444 (website #2)

111.222.335.444 (website #3)

111.222.336.444 (website #4)

111.222.337.444 (website #5)

Would you begin to see the difference? For me, while you are hosting on several c type of IPs, it’s a dead giveaway, when they’re in statistical order, as with the instance above. With this to become as unique as you possibly can and never to become a dead giveaway, the c class IPs ought to be confused, not in statistical order like above.

You might have no choice, in the way the c class IPs are delivered. There’s a limited quantity of search engine optimization hosting providers, and could not offer that, however it never hurts to inquire about. Furthermore, there’s a couple of that provide different c class search engine optimization hosting, as well as in multiple geographical areas, but they’re very costly.

Traditional hosting offer you extra IPs in a fee, but most likely they’ll be on a single “D” class, which makes them on a single network and shut in range. Here is a good example of your websites disseminate over different d class IPs.

111.222.333.444 (website #1)

111.222.333.445 (website #2)

111.222.333.446 (website #3)

111.222.333.447 (website #4)

111.222.333.448 (website #5)

Reason for Multiple C Class Hosting

The objective of search engine optimization hosting, is to buy a benefit over your competitors by increasing your internet search engine rankings and link value.

People who generally use search engine optimization hosting, are webmasters which have a sizable network of web sites, with the objective of crosslinking to improve their rankings. If you are using traditional hosting methods, and crosslinking inside the same network, this will bring you banned from the various search engines fast. To get away by using it, you’ll want each site appear that they’re unique and therefore are on the different c class IP.

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