How To Do Desktop Maintenance On The Monitor

As with glasses, grease, dust and other particles attached to the monitor of your computer can hinder its visibility, that is why you must clean it frequently and carefully, to avoid damaging the screen of your Dell PowerVault LTO6 External Tape Drive.

If your computer manual does not provide instructions for this, you can follow these:

  • Turn off your computer and disconnect it.
  • Wet a soft cotton cloth (slightly) with water and put it on your screen. It is the safest method regardless of whether your screen is made of glass or LED.
  • As with any of the previous cases, avoid spraying any liquid directly on the screen, as it could be introduced to your device.
  • Also, clean the housing
  • Dirt and dirt also accumulate in the computer frame, and as with the previous parts, it is necessary to remove dust. To do this, you must:
  • Avoid using furniture cleaners or aggressive solvents.
  • Get ​​an anti-static cloth and clean your computer with it.
  • It also uses compressed air with a nozzle (the tube that looks like a coffee stirrer) to reach the holes and grooves that the cloth cannot.
  • You can moisten a paper towel or cotton cloth in special liquid to clean the Dell PowerEdge R330 and with it cleanse the frame around the screen; Be careful to avoid the monitor screen.
  • Place the monitor at a comfortable distance. The most preferred place to position a monitor is 20 to 40 inches away from your eyes. It must also be at eye level or slightly lower.

Restricting the flow of air to your computer may end up damaging its circuits. Even if it is a laptop, avoid putting it in your lap, because the heat of the fabric could heat it more. Instead, get a table to place on your knees, and if you are at a desk, we recommend keeping it tilted with proper support.

If all this fails, you can even use a fan.

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