How to achieve successin EMR integration

How to achieve successin EMR integration

What is it?

EMR is Electronic Medical Records which is an innovative technique that is utilized by the medical professionals for keeping a record of the patients. The record comprises the patient’s treatment history typically. It is very different from the paper documents. It is a digital method by which the doctors can get every detail about the patient at once.

How advantageous is it from the paper records?

It is very comfortable to use as you do not have to open the cupboard and take-out huge bundles of files and documents all the time.

EMR integration has made it relaxing for doctors and nurses to attain automated files and information.

It is an excellent tool for the doctor to exchange diagnostic pictures and test outcomes with their patients in a few seconds.

It can turn out to be such a chaotic situation if you misplace even on-page of the file. With the EMR integration,nothing like this would turn up as all the records are kept with immense security. If all the data gets lost, then there is a backup alternative for bringing back the original data.

EMR also eliminates situations such as burglary or theft as it can be accessed by the authorized personnel only.

Keys to a successful EMR integration

Many of the health care experts think several times before shifting from paper documents to the electronic ones as they are worried about whether it will be a great substitute or not. Following are the steps to successful EMR integration:

  1. It is crucial to invest in a genuine EMR system that has a user-friendly approach. Make sure in the first place that the system is intended well and negotiable to the other staff members.
  2. Deep preparation and estimation is another most important step for acquiring success. Make all your employees used to the new patient handling system.
  3. Hire somebody who is a master in the technical arena. A project manager will be the best option. It will be guiding everyone and reducing every single uncertainty.
  4. Once you are finished with the installation part, it’s time for the testing. The testing helps in knowing the excellence and consistency of the new system.
  5. Everything from password protection, encryption process and permissions management should be verified.


We conclude here with our guide to EMR integration. Overall, if you are into a medical profession, then you must spend in the valid EMR system.

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