Why Two Way Radios Are Important Elements In Small Business Emergency Preparedness

If you are a small business, you know that there are problems that can occur and the way that you can save your business is by being prepared. You should take extra steps to make sure you and your small business stay safe and prepared during emergencies. One way that you can be prepared during an emergency is by getting commercial 2 way radios and here are some reasons why you can benefit from it.

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Being Ready

It is important to be ready than trying to improvise on the spot – if you had no way to contact someone for instance and you and your small business were in danger, what can you do? The best way to avoid thinking on the spot is to prepare ahead, hence why 2 way radios are a great fix. Updated and high quality commercial 2 way radios are very recommended for public safety because they let you contact other people especially when you have no cell service. If there was no cell service or internet connection, you have virtually no way to contact any help from the outside, especially in dire situations.

When your cellphones fail you, radios are there to give you help. They let you call for help such as the police or another person who can contact you on another radio when you have no other means since it does not rely on signal like other forms of communication. People do not often get 2 way radios as often as they should because they think their telephones and cellphones would be fine but unfortunately, cell service and telephone lines are not as reliable as 2 way radios.

Getting Updated

If your technology is out of date or you do not regularly check your radio to see if it works, you might be stuck in an emergency without a fully working radio as well as other forms of communication. When you get a 2 way radio or already own one, you should learn the proper tips to handle, maintain and use it to get the most use out of it. Whether you use it on a day to day basis or you are keeping it in handy for an emergency, it is always better to know the ins and outs of the radio ahead of time so you do not have to skim through the manual of the radio.


Besides the obvious benefit of communicating with other people when other communication services are not available, a 2 way radio offers a lot of benefits. For instance, it has a long battery life if you plan on keeping it on – even 10 hours at a time for digital 2 way day radio batteries. Another huge benefit that you can get from 2 way radios is the GPS location tracking systems that you can use for both vehicles and personnel to efficiently help or ask for help in emergency situations.

If you want to stay prepared with your small business, it is best to take extra steps to be ready for emergencies before they happen.

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