What is industry 4.0 and how it came into being?

If you look at the history of the industrial sector you will find that there are actually four different times in history that can be considered as the turning point. The first industrial revolution is with regard to the eighteenth century when for the first time machines were introduced. The first phase of machines usually ran on coal or steam power. Thus the second industrial revolution came when machines that ran on electricity were introduced in the Industrial manufacturing. The third industrial revolution came when the first phase of computer science was incorporated with the industrial sector especially the manufacturing one. And the most recent one which is termed as industry 4.0 is actually happening now when artificial intelligence and technologies are incorporated into the sector. This fourth wave of the industrial revolution has led to the formation of technologies that can help you in developing efficiency and better quality of products.

How the fourth industrial revolution calls for a more automated system?

The fourth industrial revolution has enabled people across the world to move towards automation. This has led to more investment in the technological sector. Like for example, almost all the companies and manufacturing plants these days have the Ethernet system. This enables different machines in a given factory to connect with each other. This, in turn, has led to the better efficiency of the factories. Apart from these modern machines that are generally present on an assembly line works in cognizance with one another. This has led to better quality assurance. Thus by employing more advanced technologies in the industrial sector can you really improve the quality and quantity of your product. Thus it is high time that you invest more in the Industrial machines and technology to improve the position of your business.

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