The Finest Limits for the best Backlinging

A prerequisite is to have a little notoriety on the web, otherwise, it is unlikely that a blogger is interested in you. If necessary, being interviewed on a particular topic with a relevant point of view has a double impact: to obtain a quality backlink and gain credibility in one’s field.

The various steps require a real investment of time and do not hesitate to contact other bloggers or influencers. By spending several days a month, the results can make all the difference in terms of SEO. Looking for a backlink is one of the simplest activities for a beginner in off-site SEO.As you purchase backlinks  the complications melt away.

The real question here is: is he looking for a quality backlink? In this article, we will see information that can help us choose our backlinks.

Having a website or blog positioned at the top of Google is the dream of all those who want to guarantee more traffic on their different pages. For those who are not used to working on SEO, we explain in this article in a simplified way how to get quality backlinks.

See an example

A backlink is an external hyperlink to one of the pages of a website. The backlink is important to acquire Link Juice (benefit provided by a link back to your site). The work on backlinks is called the external netlinking. It should be noted that any return link is not always a good backlink. You have to follow good SEO techniques. Three questions can now be asked:

  • How to search a backlink?
  • What are the difficulties we may encounter when submitting a trackback?
  • How to know if the return link is qualitative or not?

How to search a backlink?

There are different methods to look for back links. We mention only two that are the simplest to apply:

Free search: you put the type of site (forum, blog, directory, etc.) on which you prefer to put your link followed by keywords of your theme on the Google search engine (this is the most recommended engine).

Follow your competitors: you can analyze their return links and add your trackbacks to the same sites as them. There are several SEO tools that can help you do these analyzes. We will talk about good practices and SEO tools in the next article.

What are the difficulties we may encounter when submitting a trackback?

Google’s algorithm does not differentiate between referring site types, whether it’s a directory, a blog, a forum, or an article. What it takes into consideration is the quality of the content and the reputation of the referring site. Once a link back accepted, it will bring you link juice.

However, the acceptance rate of a backlink (this is the number of backlinks accepted on the total number of websites from which you have bid) differs from one site to another. Only the SEO, with its expertise, can estimate the level of difficulty for each referring website.