Photography Tricks Using Filters

The filters have the power to give your photo precisely the feeling you want to pass, so be it joy, sadness, old age, or others, use the filters. Get to know some photography tricks using filters.

Paper Slide: Photographing An Object With Reflection

If you ever tried to photograph a subject with a reflection, you realized the moment you viewed the photo that it is not that easy. Therefore, we will teach you a photography trick that will surely help you.

First, place the object, then place a sheet of paper close to the light point, between it and the table where the object is photographed. In short, the reflection effect will come out, however, without spoiling the image of the photo. This trick can be used, for example, for pots, cutlery, and others. Recalling that, for tiny objects such as rings or earrings, it is still interesting to use macro lenses.

UV Filter Or Polarizer With A Sunglass

A UV or polarizing filter makes the photos more natural, with more intense colors and contrast; when we see beautiful photographs of the sunset, the sea with crystal clear waters, indeed a lens with a UV filter was used. However, suppose your camera does not allow the use of this filter. In that case, if you cannot buy one or are even testing photography tricks with a cell phone, you can position some polarized sunglasses between the lens and the landscape to be captured, and you will have the same It is made. You can also download good editing app like in for better result.

Create Your Effects: Photo Tricks

A photograph does not need and should not be just a click in any direction. As we have read so far, there are countless tricks and tricks to shoot without spending a lot and using what you have at home to make your photos with professional photography effect.

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