Industry 4.0 Implementation Phases

Coordination in the Age of Industry 4.0 - Research leap

Before we consider the various phases of implementing industry 4.0, we should know  that the implementation of Industrial iot must be done in a planned way and selecting those actions that really provide greater value to each company.

Identification phase – Industry 4.0

The first phase (identification) consists of making an exhaustive technological and business analysis of the company together with its competitive and market environment . To this is added a comparative analysis of the different technological drivers that lead Industry 4.0 in relation to the technologies and processes used in the company.

This is generally done by visiting the companies and doing a 360º analysis, that is, visiting all the areas of the same (products, services, infrastructures, organization, people, production processes, business strategy …) and the potentially usable technologies in each one of these areas.

Selection phase – Industry 4.0

In the selection phase, each of the improvement opportunities detected in the previous phase is analyzed in depth with the aim that the selected improvement opportunities are consistent with the purposes of the company and its environment .

To make this prioritization, we use an interesting matrix where all improvement opportunities are evaluated based on three criteria:

  • Differentiation potential that this improvement will bring to the company, that is, how this improvement is aligned with the company’s objectives and, therefore, will make it more competitive.
  • Degree of maturity of the technologies to be used in this improvement, that is, whether that technology is widely used and easy to obtain and personalize or, conversely, it is a technology still under development with more uncertainties.
  • Ability to implement each improvement , based on its economic cost or time of return on investment, as well as the degree of mastery that the company has in this technology and that will allow it to be implemented with fewer uncertainties.

Implementation phase – Industry 4.0

Finally, there is the implementation phase and this is where we will go into detail about each of the previously selected improvement opportunities.

A detailed action plan will be drawn up with all the tasks to be undertaken as well as a schedule for each of them and their corresponding risk analysis.

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