HPE Storeeasy 1650 16TB SAS Storage

Your business faces many challenges – why should the data store belong? If you need easy-to-manage central storage for the secure storage of documents, images, audio, and video files, you’re in the right place with the HPE StoreEasy 1650 Storage. With HPE StoreEasy, you have a flexible, efficient, and reliable file store that’s tailored to the needs and budget of your business without compromising on quality or features. Available in a variety of heights, capacities, and performance options, HPE StoreEasy 1650 can help you get more out of your file storage with less effort. This solution increases usable capacity, simplifies administration, and helps you protect your indispensable digital resources in a constantly evolving threat landscape. The new sixth generation of HPE StoreEasy 1650 Storage builds on this foundation. It is based on a new, simplified management experience developed by HPE, enhanced integrated security protection capabilities, more capacity expansion options, and better performance.

Custom And Customized For File Storage

  • The new web-based Management Console is twice as easy to manage and allows administrators with all their storage know-how to simplify key operations, including managing media, file shares, quotas, snapshots, and external enclosures.
  • Leverage the management console’s data-driven insights into capacity utilization and performance to simplify planning. Administrators can easily identify maintenance windows and easily schedule capacity expansions.
  • Cost-effective disk bundles make it easy to purchase, deploy, and provide additional storage capacity as your data needs grow, the same goes to the HPE SV3200, thanks to configuration support. Quick configuration of low-capacity e-mail notifications to avoid interruptions due to capacity constraints.

Efficiency Saves You Time And Money

  • Conserve, on average, 50% of storage capacity through granular data deduplication and compression. An improved deduplication engine supports large files, up to 1TB, and media up to 64TB.
  • Built-in file synchronization and sharing allow employees, mobile workers, and distributed teams to access their work files from any Internet-connected desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Businesses can apply policies to remotely wipe devices and enforce lock screen passwords to protect data on employee devices.
  • Advanced data management capabilities automatically improve resource utilization, meet data retention policies, and enhance the protection of sensitive files-even when downloaded from HPE StoreEasy and e-mailed to unauthorized recipients.
  • The file classification infrastructure dynamically identifies files based on their confidentiality and implements high-quality access controls based on your organization’s needs using Active Directory Rights Management Services.

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