How Google Display Network Work

Before you understand how the Google display network works, I think it’s important to answer one question: What is the display network? To help you understand and make this content more dynamic, I recorded video material. However, if you want to know more about this subject, I’ve written content focused on teaching you what the display network is.

Have you got an idea of ​​the impact that the use of the display network can bring to your business, right? Imagine being able to put your brand on more than 90% of the internet, appearing in all possible media on the subject; your conversions would undoubtedly take another proportion.

How Does The Google Display Network Work?

The operation of the Google display network is quite simple to be understood; this is because the internet is full of publicity, and with all certainty, you have already realized. Soon, like other advertisers, you can also be part of that number.

  • By choosing to advertise on the display network, you’ll allow Google to print your ad on partner sites and your sites, always taking the user’s interest into account.
  • The company is concerned with targeting ads so you’ll only see your ad through remarketing campaigns people who have had access to your product ever, or people looking for related items. This is because, when opting to advertise on the display network, the advertiser has access to a list of sites that are allowed to run their ad and can choose which sections relate to their audience, which brings them more accessible and consequently, releases or blocks the printout.
  • To summarize, Google ends up being only the intermediary between the advertiser and the advertiser, presenting the possibilities of places to advertise. This autonomy of choice is incredible and makes all the difference when you have a publicity strategy drawn, do you agree?

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