Communication Compliance In A Post-Covid World

Amid the pandemic, there were some changes in the work environment across businesses due to the implementation of lockdowns and restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. Industries such as financial firms and banks faced the need to shift to a remote work setup where people started working from home and attending online meetings as they stayed productive.

However, communication became a big challenge during the pandemic. In replacement of physical meetings, using video conferencing tools for meetings became the norm. Aside from this, there also comes the need for new communication methods, as mobile instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, and Telegram are now used to interact and communicate with clients and customers.

Regulatory compliance shifted to a platform-based approach with these communication channels, wherein it became necessary to address global regulatory requirements. It has led to the growing importance of developing comprehensive data strategies for data safety and security while also ensuring data privacy.

Additionally, the practices and policies that existed before the pandemic outbreak also needed to be revised rapidly. As the remote working setup became more prevalent, there also came the need for a transparent communication channel between the client and the employees. The communication perspective goes beyond the geographic and cultural aspects, especially as clients have worries over their security and the clarity of their interactions.

Furthermore, as business conversations and call monitoring are observed, it is also significant to uphold privacy regulations where the clients are informed that the conversation is monitored for compliance purposes. Additionally, the client’s consent is also needed in the monitoring of conversations and Telegram recording. With that, a notice in the chat screen appears when the conversation starts is a feature in archiving solutions that can help in monitoring online communication. Archiving conversations is not the final step for communication compliance, as archived messages also need to be investigated through AI and data models to determine if there are violations.

Here is an infographic by TeleMessage for more details about communication compliance.

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