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Bonus and promotion: The bigger the better?

Situs judi online is spreading far and wide. It has been the most recent culture of gaming and is heavily enjoyed by the most. When you think of judi online there are a lot of differences that one can draw from land casinos. The first being, how economic it has made playing without moving or spending travel expenses. The land casino however posh, demanded the players to come to them. Here, the humble online casino walked right to the houses to be used.

After this demarcation, the next is the test ride for the games. The land casinos does not offer such services, but judi online makes a point to give the best to the players. Only after they have tested. To make this test more interesting, there are certain feature of bonus and promotion. Bonuses are the very next thing that attracts tons of player. These bonus gets the player take the trail and choose the best game suited to their needs. You can play while bonus rounds and win real money. Thereafter, the player needs to deposit to withdraw the money won. 

Most of the guides tell, look for bigger and better bonus prizes. It is not entirely true. Sometimes, the quality of the content is more important than the quantity. Below given are few factors telling that bigger bonus is not good all the time. 

  1. All the bonus they are accompanied by some number of bets. These bets need to be put on stake on games before making any sort of withdrawal. This is the common rule, that to withdraw, a deposit has to be made. For example- say the betting value for stake is 30 times the bonus- 100$. Thus, we need to deposit 3000$ before withdrawal of any other funds. 

Here, in all senses choosing a small bonus is better than this. 

  1. There are widely divided two types of bonus- play bonus and cash bonus. The play bonus will not let any amount of money to be withdrawn. The cash bonus lets us have the money but only after depositing the wagering requirements. 
  2. The eligibility and weightings are different games. Judi online does not give same bonus for all the games. They are some bonus that can be used for every game but not for those with house-edge like blackjack. They have something called as game weightings. 

The online casino or situs judi online cannot remove the house edge games because then it will lose the funds for bonus. Some casino sites they measure the game weightings to the game requirements. Every penny you bet will work towards counting the bet to meet the wagering requirements before withdrawing. 

There is a chart, for slot it is 100%, so if the goal is to get 100$, the requirement is 20 times, then the bet is 2000$ and roulette has to wager 10,000$ with 20% wagering requirement. 

With this we prove having a big bonus is not good all the time, especially with wagering weightings in the picture.

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