Benefits of a tube sealing machine

What is a tube sealing machine?

This is an automated machine that is patented for attaching screw caps on microtubes. 

It is designed for capping screw caps on 13mm tubes that are used in laboratories in the process of samples and reagents. This machine can be customized to fit different caps, and tube sizes which make it very efficient if there is more than one type to screw caps on. 

For this to work, the caps for the tubes are put into the feeder and the tubes are inserted into the tube holder. Then the tube holder is pushed up to the capping position where the cap will be screwed on and then the tube holder would be lowered again and it would come down with the attached cap. 

What are the benefits of the Tube Sealing machine?

Some of the benefits of the tube capper machine are:

– They offer consistency in the pressure and power that they apply. Manual capping can not all provide the same tightness that the tube is sealed with however, due to this machine, there is a consistency in the tightening of the tubes which prevents tubes from leaking which makes it easier to transport them or move them around. 

– The availability of these machines and their usage frees manual cappers from the tiring and monotonous work that can lead to health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome causes pain and numbness in the hand and arm of the person because it occurs when a nerve in the hand is squeezed or compressed. This machine reduces the risk of this syndrome occurring in workers. 

– Just like all machines, this machine also improves and increases productivity and output of the capped tubes because machines do their job faster with more and better precision as compared to manual capping. 

The Bottom Line 

The tube capping machine is very useful as it avoids any human errors from interfering in the lab work and offers way more benefits than manual capping. Tube capping is a very good way of doing things quickly and with more accuracy. 

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