7 Benefits of the Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement – Forbes HealthThe Medicare Plan G is an important health plan for many seniors. However, it can also be a complicated option to compare with other plans if you are not familiar with the benefits or what they cover. These are the 7 top benefits of the plan that you should know about.

Covers Hospitalization


The Plan G is a comprehensive plan that provides coverage for various healthcare services. It covers hospitalization, skilled nursing facility, home health care services and hospice care. If you are hospitalized, the Plan G will cover the costs of any doctor or specialist you need to see while at the hospital as well as medical equipment, such as a bed or walker. The Plan G also covers home healthcare services if it’s ordered by a doctor to help with your recovery.

Covers Inpatient Treatment


The Medicare Plan G covers inpatient treatment, which is important for seniors who need to be admitted to a hospital. Inpatient treatment typically includes multiple care areas that are needed by a patient.

Covers Skilled Nursing Facility Care


Plan G covers skilled nursing facility care. This care is important for individuals who need it, as it helps with the rehabilitation process and can prevent further health issues. This coverage is provided by Medicare Part A and includes a stay of no more than 100 days in a skilled nursing facility. If you know someone who needs this care, the Medicare Plan G would be a good option for them to consider.

Covers Hospice Care


Plan G is different than many other plans because it covers hospice care. If you are nearing the end of your life and need help with pain management, this is an important benefit to know about. When you enroll in the plan, there are hospice providers in your area that will be available for your needs.

Provides Part B Coverage


Medicare Plan G is a plan that provides coverage for items and services from providers outside of the Medicare system. One of the top benefits is that Plan G provides coverage for Part B, which covers medically necessary services such as hospitalization and outpatient care.

Includes an Annual Wellness Visit


This is a top benefit of the plan. Medicare Supplement Plan G covers an annual wellness visit with your doctor to discuss any health concerns and provide preventive care. The annual wellness visit includes things like lab work, immunizations, and cancer screenings. This can help you better maintain your health and lower your chances of developing serious diseases or conditions that could lead to a hospital stay.

Lower Cost Sharing for Prescriptions


One of the most important benefits of Plan G is that there are lower cost sharing for prescriptions, lab services, and hospital care. You will pay 35% coinsurance for these items under Medicare Plan G. This is a much better option than many other Medicare plans that have a 50% coinsurance rate.

The Medicare plan G is a popular option for people who need hospitalization, skilled nursing, and hospice coverage. This plan also covers a number of preventive care services and includes an annual wellness visit. The Medicare plan G is a popular choice for many because it has lower cost sharing for prescriptions than other plans.

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